Smile dynamics – Games about optimism

What is the dynamics of the smile

The game of smiling is to facilitate reflection on those little things that make us smile every day. It is important to know what makes us happy and take them into account. Through a simple and fun dynamic child will become aware of the things that make them happy and will learn to contemplate them daily and smile every day and especially when they forget to be happy.

The smile contributes to the positive thinking and well-being of the children.

Objectives Games about optimism

  • Develop positive thinking games
  • Understand the importance of joy for well-being.
  • Encourage the development of skills to discover the good side.


  • Children from 4 years and up.


  • Tab “My smiles”, cardboard box, material to write, draw, cut and paste.

Instructions Smile game

Preparation: Prepare the cards, boxes, and material.

Explanation: We explain to the children the following: “The smile is the expression of joy. When we are happy we smile and we feel good. Being happy helps us to do things and it is very important to be well. But sometimes things happen that make us sad, angry, etc. and forget the smile and forget the reasons we have to be happy.

It is important to take into account the things that make us smile, the reasons we have to be happy and get to think about them when we are sad and about to forget them. ”

Then we ask them to think about those things that make them smile and feel happy, it is worth anything: a song, a person, a meal, some gesture like tickling, a joke, a joke, etc. For them, we will ask you to fill in the file: “My smiles”

When everyone has filled out the card, each one prepares his box of smiles. For them they will bring a cardboard box (one of the shoes for example), each one decorates his box as he wants, putting the letters my box of smiles. Now let’s prepare the things that make us smile to keep them in the box of smiles and leave them there for when we need them. It is good that every day we look at the box, to learn to smile every day and especially when we forget to smile. ”

Now everyone has to prepare their smiles. For this they can use anything, someone’s photo or some moment or landscape, objects, some song, notes, letters, drawings, etc. The important thing is that they are things that for each one have a meaning and that when they see them they take out a smile.

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