Sewing and Stitching as a Business

1. Sewing and Stitching Intro

Sewing refers to the process of seams joining the fabrics together. Sewing is the process of passing one or more stitches around each other or around the cloth. Only one stitch is used for hand sewing, and usually two stitches of the upper thread and the lower thread are formed on the sewing machine.Seams can be obtained using various methods, i.e. Different stitch types. The difference between the different stitch types is that the stitch geometric arrangement is different.

Sewing and Stitching

2. History of Sewing and Needle

More than 30,000 years ago, humans started processing animal skins and hiding in clothing. The wishbone and other bones were used as needles at that time. It wasn’t until about 20,000 years later that the metal texture (copper) needle was first produced. Then the first steel texture needle appeared in the early 15th century.

Sewing and Stitching
The invention and continuous development of sewing machines in the 18th and 19th centuries produced a needle that was first designed at the top of the needle with a needle eye: this is the prototype of today’s sewing machine needle.

Sewing and Stitching
Until now, the basic industrial sewing technology has not changed. Similarly, although the sewing machine has been greatly developed, the sewing machine needle function has not changed. Despite this, there is still room for innovation and further development.

3. Business Ideas for Sewing Business

Sewing business is perfect for creative individuals, housewives, and females on maternity leave. Anyone who has needlework abilities and wants extra revenue without leaving their own apartment can also succeed in their sewing company.It is very essential to have a tendency towards such a challenging job, to be cautious, diligent, patient, willing to develop and improve abilities continuously.
To open your own sewing company, you will need a tiny job area where you can work, you can use your apartment or private house. Please note that the right (preferably skilled) sewing machine may be the key to achievement. Make it a habit to only work with high-quality materials-fabrics, leather, accessories.If you don’t have the cash to buy costly accessories, you can use rulers, scissors, needles, hooks, buttons, threads and other accessories from what you have at home.

Sewing and Stitching
New, high-quality instruments can always be bought in sewing stores. You can take inspiration and learn how to create patterns by browsing fashion magazines or reading the suitable forum on the internet.You can begin a sewing company for newborn children: you can organize quite realistically at home, not hard. There is a place for someone becomes a fashion master of wedding dresses and frocks.

Sewing and Stitching
Some tailors produce auto coverings and at the same moment earn excellent revenue from home company. This is more lucrative for those who can sew without relying on the organization of production, bringing a healthy steady income.

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