Recycling clothes with crochet: 25 reforms with fabrics

Going shopping is not bad, but I prefer to stay at home for recycling clothes.
Today I invite you to inspire us and recycle old clothes with crochet. Look what beautiful ideas. We can with the fabrics lengthen the skirts, the pants, make patches and decorate the shirts, the dresses, the garments, and the beach bags.

Recycling clothes with crochet: 25 ideas to reform garments

Even crochet beginners (like me) can make simple fabrics to renew, personalize and recycle clothes with fabrics.

I am sure that if you like to crochet you can adapt any of these ideas to have fun recycling clothes and creating new clothes.

If you are an advanced crocheter or crocheter … I can not imagine what you can do!

The recycling of clothes is also an exciting activity. It allows us to launch our creativity to achieve original and adorable garments, while we collaborate in the reduction of textile waste.

Do you like the idea? Ahead! ♥

Lengthen clothes with crochet

The sleeves of shirts, sweaters, and pants, which are short, we can lengthen with crochet, achieving a decoration on the garment and recycling clothing that is still in good condition.

To lengthen the legs of the pants, we begin to weave directly on the edge of the fabric and continue to our liking, weaving the length we want to achieve with the known points.

We can also weave crochet patterns of edges, ribbons, and bands.

With this idea, we can transform the sleeveless shirts, crochet long sleeves of crochet or short sleeves, with different designs, fringes and other decorations with crochet.

For this, we sew the fabric and hold the fabric on the edge or we weave the annex and then we sew it to the garment. There are many ways to lengthen the sleeves with crochet and also to lengthen or enlarge the garments.

Crochet patches for jeans

If you have broken your jeans … do not even think about throwing them away. Since the time when one of the members of Los Ramones came up with the idea of ​​using it that way, this has been a fashion that does not bother. It allows us to continue using our old and comfortable jeans! ♥
If you like the idea of ​​sewing patches with style, you can also see the patches with Japanese embroidery.

Redesign old clothes with crochet

Do you like to reform and redesign your clothes?

Here are some simple ideas that you can adapt to create your own models.

With crochet circles and other fabrics that you have made you can decorate and reform your old jeans.

You can also take out of the trunk that old cowboy jacket that you like so much and that you have been bored of using.

Transform your clothes with your fabrics and start knitting to redesign garments by recycling clothes!

Crafts to recycle clothes with crochet

An excellent project for the summer consists of knitting new sleeves for your shirt with crochet stitches.

Based on these ideas you can make various crafts to recycle your clothes.

Make a crocheted fabric to that boho dress, knit some new sleeves for your favorite shirt, let your imagination and needles fly …

Here you have many more ideas to renew, redesign and recycle your clothes with crochet.

Reforms the collars of the T-shirts with fabrics

Go rummage through the trunk of the clothes you do not use. Surely you will find some old shirts, in good condition, that you can renew.

Cut the shirt under the sleeves. Make a straight cut, a hem and add a knitted crochet band with the points that you like the most.

In this way, you can make an elegant top with a shirt or reform the collars of the blouses and the simple cotton shirts.

A common shirt and current become a blink of an eye in a stylish, unique and personalized garment to our liking.

The collars of the shirts can be reformed very easily with this idea. Combine colors and points and make a great transformation !.

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