Patchwork for babies: Quilts, changers and patchwork biscuit

To the little ones that come to the world, we welcome them with accessories made with love. The patchwork applications for babies are endless! Patchwork baby blankets look beautiful, warm and beautiful to make. The changes are beautiful and super useful. The bubble duvets are great and allow us to have the baby safe wherever he wants to take a nap …
With patchwork and combining pieces of different fabrics, we can also decorate the baby bedding with fun fabric appliqués.

Today we apply our creativity to make beautiful gifts for babies in patchwork.

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Patchwork applications for babies

Patchwork is a textile technique that is made by joining pieces of multicolored fabrics of geometric shapes, in order to create a design. A sewn padding can be added to the fabrics and in this way, a quilted quilt is achieved.

This technique of patchwork emerged in England from the nineteenth century but passed very quickly to the United States, where it began to be used as a way to use the fabrics that families brought from Europe. These patchwork quilts were a productive occupation of several members of the family and also an excuse for social life, as the neighbors began to join to make them.

Today, patchwork remains a widely used craft technique and maintains these principles. It is a good way to create decorative works for the home, reuse textiles, learn a useful and beautiful craft and make friends.
Given the characteristics of patchwork, it is widely used to make quilts and blankets for babies. For this, the fabrics are chosen and combined in order to achieve a design in soft tones, to which are added appliques to form a delicate and beautiful set.

If you were thinking of making a baby blanket, a changer or decorating the fabrics with which you will sew clothes or accessories, do not forget to decorate them with a patchwork design. There is something for everyone, for beginners in sewing, with experience and advanced in the art of patchwork.

Patchwork patterns for baby quilts

There are several ways to make a baby patchwork quilt or blanket. The simplest is to join the patterned fabrics into squares, then adding a filling and sewing the quilting.
You can also make more elaborate patchwork models, based on geometric patterns, animal shapes, and other children’s motifs.

In this list, you will find lots of free patterns to make patchwork quilts for babies with designs of hearts, animals, holiday motifs, etc.

Tulip blanket “Amsterdam Quilt” applications baby patchwork 38 x 52 ” Pattern by Michelle Engel Bencsko for Cloud 9 Fabrics.

Heart “Patchwork heart” bebe patchwork applications 40 x 40 “. Free craftsy pattern.

Patchwork patterns for children’s patchwork

The appliques patchwork baby are used to make patchwork quilts, but there are many applications that can be given. For example, to decorate fabrics, garments and baby accessories.

Here we find a selection of geometric applique patterns for animal patchwork. You can copy, download or print them to make your own designs for children’s patchwork.

Later we share cloth appliques to add to the patchwork designs. You can also use them to decorate sheets, baby blankets or to make original textile designs for children.

The templates appliqué fabric can be made based on any single child ‘s drawing. The pieces are cut separately on colorful fabrics and then sewn on the fabric where the patchwork has been made.

Click on the patterns to enlarge them.

Changers for babies in patchwork

One of the most useful patchwork applications for babies is the changes. And we can make them so that they stay impeccable, sewing washable cloth on one of their sides.

There are many models and patterns of baby changing machines. One of them, simple and very nice is shared by Victoria de Málaga on her blog. Click on the link to see the step by step tutorial to make this cute baby changer.

Baby patchwork applications

Bubble pads for the cradle (biscuit technique)

Bubble mulches can be used as carpets or changing tables, but they are perfect for lining the baby’s bed.

This padded patchwork padding prevents shock and contact against cold surfaces.

The technique is called ” biscuit ” and is also known as ” puff pastry patchwork “. The idea is to fill squares of patchwork so that they form cushioned balloons.

This quilted blanket can be used as a carpet or to soften the crib. We can use it fixed or change it whenever we need security to put the baby to bed. For example, when going for a walk or visits, where there are no appropriate places for the baby to sleep.

Here we see a beautiful puff pastry patchwork model. To do this we can use the template of the image with the proportions of the cradle.

The procedure for sewing is the same as the one we will see later on to make the changer with biscuit patchwork.

Patchwork baby biscuit changing table step by step

This is a beautiful variation to make a baby rug with biscuit patchwork. We found the pattern on this link to the Puff Quilt quilt 48 “x 48”, payment pattern in quiltindigest.

I hope these patterns for baby patchwork applications have been useful for you. Surely, we will return to this topic soon. And we will share more patchwork patterns to create decorative bedding for our house with this fascinating craft technique.

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