Ideas for recycling with used magazines

You no longer have any excuse to throw away your used magazines, the new ideas of recycling with them are so incredible, that you will want to have more to be able to do them all.

If you thought that with the paper of the magazines you could not do anything, you will see that objects can gradually be full of functionality and originality, perfect to give as a gift or to give a fresh touch to your home. Virtually everything is possible to create with this beautiful colored paper.

It is a type of craft that can be done (in general) by children with adult supervision, so if you have children at home do not hesitate to have an afternoon session to explore their more artistic side. The tail can be used by them, too, so there is no problem. With old clothes or aprons, you can get down to work.

In all ideas, it is best to finish with a mixture of water and glue in equal parts applied with a brush or brush, so that the paper of the magazines is well secured and sealed.


If you love symbols or letters hanging on the walls, you can not stop trying to do something similar. In this case, it has a large size to be noticed, but if you like something that goes unnoticed and requires less work, choose something in smaller dimensions.

You will need rolls of paper from used magazines to later glue them with glue, and also a base on which to develop your work: it can be hardwood or cardboard. Finally, you can choose to give a layer of glue and water in equal parts to make it hard.


If you love the gigantic challenges, I propose to design a beautiful blind with rolls of paper from used magazines. Here you will need rope to join them all along and a wooden board at the top.

The system, although it seems complicated to perform at first, is simple. Look at any blind to place the rope, you will have to go knotting each roll, for it, you have to give a turn to each one. It is a perfect hold.


These three fun balls can decorate any room, whether it is Christmas or not because they certainly combine well anywhere. His tribal and eclectic style will give a unique touch. They can be tied with strings to a branch of a tree, so in this simple way, you will achieve a surprising effect.

To shape the paper rolls you can use old balls, balloons or any object with these shapes. Do not forget to stick them with glue, and in the end, use a mixture of glue and water in equal parts, will provide the consistency they need.


A paper made of paper, it seems surreal, but I do not think you can resist its beauty. It is a priority to look for a circular base to then raise the top with rolls of magazine paper linked together by glue. The key here is to make some perfect rolls and not to squash them together. You have to do the work with delicacy and firmness at the same time.


The magical babysitter has not left, it is always present, thanks to this particular recycling craft with rolls of paper from used magazines. It is perfect for a children’s room, or for those whose figure still fascinates them, among which I include myself. Your cardboard silhouette is needed to make it easier to compose, although it could be done without that base.


If you are looking for furniture that is out of the ordinary, try to cover old ones that you have at home in this way: the result is unique. Although it will take your time to complete it, insight, it is worth trying.

Surely when you finish them you will want to try the result with other objects: it is a healthy “vice”, so let yourself be carried away by the imagination and your intrinsic skill.


If you would like to be able to wear in your living room or in your bedroom a work of art by a recognized artist, but for the moment you have not found the ideal. Do not worry you can create a very personal one, adapted to your needs with the ones that attract you the most and with the shapes you want.

Here we can see the intention of forming a kind of cross that is degraded towards the four corners in four colors: yellow, blue, green and red in its different colors. You should choose the paper of the magazines for the eye-catching of their internal photographs. The base can be a frame with fabric or wood.


If you really want a decorative and striking object, do not hesitate to paint your own rolls of magazine paper in the colors that you like the most. You can leave some parts unpainted.

You will achieve a beautiful effect with these spiral circles, get inspired by the shell of a snail to carry out your creation. Always try to make each circle as tight as possible. Use cardboard or wooden base.

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