How to Learn to Draw Anime and Manga Step by Step [Definitive Guide]

Before learning how to draw manga and anime it is important that we refer to when we talk about these styles.

Manga and anime are undoubtedly two of the best-known art forms in Japan and the world.

Both are narrative forms, which in terms of graphics have styles very similar to each other, so we will refer to both indifferently.

In essence, the manga is a printed product, just like comic strips, cartoons or comics.

In contrast to classic comics, manga covers both realistic and fantastic stories with very different themes, capable of capturing an audience of all ages, sex or religion.

The anime, on the other hand, is the animated form, animation represent a comic or story.

Within the anime, it is common to find in addition to the narrative content, a broad musical content, being the opening (a musical sequence that begins a chapter) and the ending (a musical sequence that ends a chapter), points that do not go unnoticed.

The link between both formats is very strong, there are constant adaptations of manga in anime or vice versa, which could justify the confusion between terms.

Due to this relationship, we will observe that in terms of graphics and styles are quite similar, unlike the manga tends to be black and white, due to the wide reproduction of this type of material.
If you want to draw anything and in a professional way, here is a step by step guide where you will learn to make the best drawings.

Now that you know the theoretical difference, let’s start with this complete guide to learning how to draw manga and anime step by step.

Materials To Draw Anime And Manga

Many mangas and cartoonists of this genre know that some materials are needed to draw anime and manga.

These materials I leave here in a list, a very precise list, where you will realize a large number of materials that a professional cartoonist can have and what you could have so that you also become a professional artist.

Techniques for Learning to Draw Anime and Manga

To learn to draw manga it is important to start to see and know a little about this genre, this will allow you to make an observation of the general features of the characters and thus establish your own style.

Start by reading manga and watching anime really. I tell you this because most of the books that “teach” you to draw manga, teach you techniques that do not really resemble real manga.
In addition to reading the real manga, you can differentiate it from the “American anime”.

Try to draw characters before the book, so you avoid the book having an influence on your style.

If the book has step by step, do not skip the last step to copy it; Start from the beginning, draw the lines and shapes guides, you can draw the same pose as the book, but draw your own character.
Practice drawing your favorite characters, this will help you get familiar with the shapes and so when creating your own characters, they will have more than characteristic style.

Practice day by day and try to draw real things transforming them to adapt them to manga.

Something very important is to study Japanese culture, so you will understand more what you are drawing. And if you have problems developing your style, combine several existing methods until it transforms into your own style.

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