Game to control emotions – I am an emotion

What is the game to control emotions

The game consists in helping the children to know the different emotions, what are their causes, their forms of expression, and their consequences. It is about making the little ones identify and being able to control their emotions.

Objectives of the educational game

  • Know what the different emotions are
  • Recognize the causes of the emotions we feel
  • Know what is the characteristic expression of emotions
  • Develop empathy, ability to understand others
  • Improve your emotional intelligence and social skills
  • Favor the management and emotional control.


Boys and girls from 12 years old and up.


Colored stickers that represent the different emotions, we can also use a piece of round cardboard and attach it to the participants’ lapel.

And reflection sheet on emotions

  • Surprise: blue
  • Fear: black
  • Ira: orange
  • Joy: yellow
  • Sadness: gray
  • Red love
  • Shame: purple
  • Aversion: brown

Game instructions to know the emotions

We distribute the colored cards or stickers, belonging to each emotion among the children randomly. We will prepare several of each emotion for everyone to participate. The following will be explained:

Each one has a color that represents a different emotion. We will look at the color that has touched us before we begin we must think about the emotion that we are going to be, imagine some situation in which you have felt that emotion, what you thought, what you did and what consequences you had. Fill in the form now

After filling in the file. We will put on our face the characteristic expression of this emotion and we will move in search of emotion partners. The participants should move and act as if they were that emotion, they can put the characteristic facial expression, stay still, make any kind of movement, scream, talk, all they want to represent that emotion. They should look for participants with the same emotion as them and group together.

Once grouped they will debate among all their answers to reach common conclusions.

Finally, with the groups formed, we will sit all the members of the different groups and we will share the conclusions.

If we have time we can make variants of the game, or carry them out in future sessions such as:

– Mix again and exchange the cards and start the dynamics again.

-Or also after distributing and completing the card at the time of grouping each one should look for an emotion that complements it, once formed the couples should explain why they have joined because they believe that they complement each other.

At the end of the dynamic, we will ask that at home, each of them alone, complete the card with each one of the emotions. They can also add drawings, cuts whatever they can think of to explain each of the emotions.

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