Clothing Recycling: Ideas and vintage and boho patterns

The recycling of clothes gives space for creativity and more than a fashion is an attitude.☮

This is in keeping with the boho style, a mix of vintage, hippie and bohemian reminiscent of the 60s.

To dig in the trunk and the cupboards! Today we will talk about the recycling of clothes in boho style. See what beautiful ideas and what useful patterns to make them.

Recycling clothes to create stylish clothes

Boho is a style of fashion with bohemian and hippie influences, popular in the 60s.

During its existence, the boho style has been characterized by natural fabrics, long skirts with ruffles and loose tunics. Nowadays, with the ecological need to reduce and reuse, the boho has incorporated clothes with recycling.

Ideas for recycling clothes

Based on these ideas we can reuse the pieces of fabric to make boho garments or combine two or more garments to make a dress or a skirt.

The recycling of clothes is ideal to make boho garments because we can use several fabrics with different prints creating a beautiful and harmonious set.

Patches, clothing made with pieces of fabrics or other garments can be combined with lace, lace, fringes and other accessories to create stylish garments.
As we see in these original models, men’s shirts can be reformed to make dresses and also to make blouses. With a sweater and a shirt or with 2 shirts we can achieve these models of blouses and dresses recycled.

A shirt or sweater can be combined in various ways with other clothes to make a nice and comfortable blouse. It is perfect to reuse those clothes that we do not like, that do not fit well or that just seems boring.

Wool sweaters can also be combined to create clothing items. In this way, modern and fun dresses are achieved. Another good idea is to combine a shirt and a skirt to create an original blouse.

The pieces are perfect to make skirts and dresses in boho style. By combining colors, textures and flown we can make these beautiful and original designs of unique garments.

To create these recycled clothing models, there are several craft techniques that we can apply. For example, the handmade buttons, the crochet fabrics and also the patches with Japanese embroidery, that technique that we have already seen in the blog in the article patches Boro and Sachiko.

Do you like patchwork? So do not miss out on these wonderful craft techniques for making quilts, changers and baby biscuit patchwork in baby patchwork applications.

Patterns for recycling boho clothes

To make these garments with recycling we need the boho patterns. With them, we can make some of the designs that we have seen and also unique models, with a great dose of creativity.

By combining fabrics or clothes that we have to recycle we can completely transform the wardrobe.
If you like the boho style and the recycling of clothes, surely you have loved these ideas. Have you decided to put them into practice? Do not stop commenting and sharing your experiences.

Thanks for giving you a little walk through my craft diary ♥

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