Are you thinking of looking silhouetted this summer on the beach or do you just want to get fit and tone up your body? Well, one of the basic aspects to look body is to have good abs. We teach you a routine of abdominals for beginners with which you will not suffer and with which you will be able to go little by little increasing the intensity or varying the load of work as you go obtaining results.
The first thing before imposing a training routine is to know what your physical state is. Yes, this routine is for beginners, but not all beginners are the same. A thin person is not the same as one who is overweight, nor is a young boy the same as a person of a certain age. In any case, we have thought of a standard routine for young beginners, the elderly should first consult a doctor to know what conditions they are in. If you consider that it is little / a lot for you, the workload increases or decreases slightly.

Training description

Duration: 2 months. Weekly workload: Between 30 and 45 minutes, at least 3 days a week. Exercises: walking, fast walking, running, different types of abs, other exercises; how to swim or run on a bike

Training description
We will begin the training by heating up. Afterward, walk at a good pace and jog for about 10 minutes. This process will help improve circulation, burn fat and prepare muscles for exercise. Aerobic training is one of the best ways to burn abdominal fat.
Then we will work about 15-20 minutes in different types of abs. We will do a series of between 12 and 15 abdominals, alternating different exercises. We started with basic crunches, continuing with abdominal crunches, lateral and lumbar abs. These varied exercises will help us to uniformly strengthen the entire area of ​​the abdomen, lateral torso and lower back.

One of the three days of the week we can slightly increase a load of exercise by doing two sets of 10-12 repetitions of sit-ups on the incline bench and abs on the trellis.

Do not worry, here are some links where you can see how to perform the exercises that we have recommended for this training routine.

Tips for doing your abs

  • One of the keys is to maintain the correct posture during the execution of the exercise, to avoid injuries and improve results.
  • The contraction of the abdomen should be done in a smooth and controlled, we should notice the abdomen hard, that means we are working well.
  • The exercises are followed, that is, after performing a type of abdominal, after resting 30 seconds we will do a series of another exercise.
  • Make them on a small mat to avoid pain.
  • It is very important to control the breathing so that the effectiveness of the exercises is greater. When we breathe, there are two movements, the inspiration and the expelled. With the abdomen relaxed, that is, at the beginning of the exercise, we must inspire to obtain the air. The moment we contract the muscles, it is time to expel the air.

Foods to have abdomen

If we want to bring out our abdomen, we will have to do aerobic exercise in addition to the exercises of the abdomen, but it is not enough. You must take care of your diet so you can lose fat and make it easier to see your abdomen. Although there are no miraculous foods, if it is true that we can opt for foods that provide us with few calories or that will satisfy us a lot. We must put as much protein, hydrates as fat, do not remove any nutrient, they all have their function. You can make salads with green shoots, bonito, tomato, oil, and nuts to have a perfect and light meal. Opt for whole grains and white meats, such as chicken and turkey.

Do not forget that rest is also essential when establishing a training routine. And remember that a balanced diet is essential for exercise to be more effective. In this video you can see the routines of abdominal exercises that are also very suitable for beginners:

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