Grupo La Silla Rota is a multimedia communication company that belongs to the companies “Publicaciones Comunitarias”, SA de CV, and “Comunicación, Bienestar y Salud”, SA de CV

Our group includes the media: La Silla, Barrio Magazine, in its printed and web version and Su Mé, also develops various complementary actions in the journalistic, editorial and commercial areas.

The La Silla Rota Group emerged in 2010 as an independent communication initiative aimed at serving specific market segments or niches, both among the public and in the commercial sphere.

All the staff that works or collaborates in the La Silla Rota Group, including the commercial area, is governed by the ethical principles established by our media.

Alliances, collaborations and synergies with any other means of communication, national or international, follow these same principles. These principles are referred to in codes that are published in our web spaces and are basically supported by the following axes: Credibility, ethics, leadership.

We promote the development of a democratic and competitive society, through its own content, independent and excellence.

Credibility is nourished by transparency, responsibility, respect, and integrity.

Our leadership guides the personal and business effort towards efficiency and constant improvement, with innovative vision and continuous learning