8 beautiful and creative ideas to decorate your pantyhose

If you want to wear beautiful, unique and super original pantyhose, do not look in the stores, because you can decorate your pantyhose yourself and achieve a modern and charming model.

Today we will see some ideas and tips to renew your pantyhose. If you like painting, you may want to decorate with a brush, but you can also embroider them, add glitter and make other incredible decorations.

Look at these ideas to inspire you. You will love it!

Original ideas to decorate your pantyhose

# 1 Pantyhose imitation tattoo

If you like tattoos, you do not need to make one to wear it on your legs. If you paint your pantyhose when you wear them you will look like you have made a beautiful tattoo.

To do this, place a piece of cardboard inside the stocking, shape it and stretch it, put a drawing underneath the stocking and go to work !. Use to decorate your pantyhose textile markers.

# 2 Pantyhose decorated with aniline

With these instructions to dye pantyhose, you can achieve a beautifully modern and colorful model. For this, you only need aniline to dye fabrics. Choose the color you like the most, read the package instructions and transform your pantyhose in minutes!

# 3 Lace applique for your stockings

Go find the box where to keep the remains of fabrics, because with floral lace remains you can achieve an elegant model of pantyhose decorated by you. This renovation is very simple because you only have to cut out the flowers and sew them to your pantyhose.

It will be very easy to do it if you have the stockings on. If you still find it difficult, you can see the instructions for this craft in this cupcakes and cashmere tutorial.

# 4 Stockings decorated with paint

For this project of stockings with knee patches, you do not need fabric but paint for fabric. What you should do is use the freezer paper, which you should cut out and place on the area you want to paint.

Then apply the paint with a roller, let dry and go. You have achieved super original and fun stockings.

# 5 Decorative knee pads for your pantyhose

This project can be done with leather or fabric, but the result of combining leather with the thick winter pantyhose is phenomenal. In addition, it will not be difficult for you, simply use the sewing machine to attach the knee pads to the pantyhose or ask a sewing expert to do it for you.

Now, go out and show off your original pantyhose!

# 6 Pantyhose embroidered by hand

This is a beautiful idea coming directly from France to decorate your pantyhose or the stockings of the girls of the family.

If you have a good hand with embroidery, you can make the designs that you can think of. If you are a beginner, start embroidering circles. The result is super adorable and the little ones will love it.

# 7 Make your panties shine in the night

If you were looking for an elegant and at the same time original idea to show off a special night, pay close attention, because you can make a work of art decorating your pantyhose.

In the haberdashery of your neighborhood, you will surely find different sconces to make this work. You can simply stick these glitters on the pantyhose or do a combined work, adding brightness and embroidery in colors that combine.

In this model, they have placed some bright sconces on the side of the leg and have embroidered the path between them with stitches. The result looks very nice and is very suitable to give a special touch to a monochromatic outfit.

You can even create a more daring look using mini legs so that your pantyhose shine at night. They will not be intense enough to light the way, but I assure you that you will shine and be the center of attention!

# 8 Pantyhose with recycling

If you like the recycling of old clothes, surely you have loved the ideas that we have seen in recycling clothes and recycling clothes with crochet. But today we will see a new idea to add to the trunk of the great recyclables.

With old tights or leotards, you can create your own original and warm pantyhose. Combine colors and designs to make unique and personalized pantyhose. You will never stop worshiping them!
If you have liked these ideas and you feel like continuing to inspire you to decorate your pantyhose or create your own garments you can see some incredible models in patterns of socks and stockings to adore.

Thank you give you a little walk through the Diary of crafts ♥

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