15 good ideas for making shelves at home

When it comes to making shelves for the home, there is no doubt that they have to fulfill two important purposes :

The first is pure functionality. They help to organize things, reduce clutter and give you a sense of peace when you have a place to store and find your things.

The second is the design. Of course, when you order your belongings you want at the same time to improve the image of your house and with a special touch if it can be.

Nothing beats a shelf with good looks or interesting design. In fact, these shelves that we show you go a step further and become complementary pieces of other decoration items. We do not just keep books on the shelves, right? The fact of saving innumerable things makes the shelves a central decoration element in any home.

Take a look at these 15 ideas to make shelves. They will serve to inspire you. You will see how you improve your order and also the image of your home. In each of them, you will find a link with the steps to make them yourself.

1. Make shelves with plumbing pipes

You can find the iron pipe in a hardware store or DIY store. The best thing is that this “rustic black” color is just like these pipes come.

Cut the pieces evenly so that everything is simple, screw them and mount them at the top and bottom, and enjoy a new corner shelf that will be the admiration of your visits.

2. A bookshelf like a spine

It’s modern, unique and works with rustic decor too! It’s like a sculpture hanging on your wall. The best part is that it is easier to do than you think.

3. Make shelves with a wall ladder

There really are a thousand and one ways to reuse the old stairs. This is an ingenious way if you have several books but do not want a big piece of furniture like a bookcase

4. Make some wood and brick shelves

Can you imagine this style of the bookcase in the same room as a matching brick fireplace? It’s great! but of course, make sure you anchor it well to the wall.

5. “Magical” invisible shelf

We talk about minimalism when it comes to these floating shelves. A trick that really works and keeps you looking surprised for a while.

Add several of these through a large wall, or fill small wall spaces in a small place. This idea is super easy to do too.

6. Make some shelves with a tree trunk

If you like the decoration in the purest natural style, this idea is definitely for you. The centerpiece is very attractive and very practical as a corner.

7. Make shelves with rustic shelves

One of the best DIY bookshelf ideas that exist. It is an excellent way to obtain shelving of pleasant and resistant aspect that can be assembled quickly with the minimum effort.

8. Make shelves with industrial pipes

Another great way to use pipes for shelves. It is certainly a timeless style that will be present for a long time.

9. Original idea: shelving with a skate

An old skateboard without wheels is not much in itself. However, with a little rope and some anchors hanging from the wall, you have one of the most creative DIY shelf ideas.

10. Make “industrial” shelves

A modern touch … literally. This is a good combination of wood and metal for a classic industrial approach.
Of course, there are countless other ideas to make shelves. We have chosen the previous ideas as a way to represent the special and at the same time the practical.

In any case, let these ideas inspire!

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