5 benefits of coconut water for people with diabetes

Do you know the benefits of coconut water in cases of diabetes mellitus? The coconut water in moderate amounts can be an ideal alternative for people with diabetes.

In this regard, water is one of the most important components in the body and participates in different processes such as digestion, excretion, and regulation of body temperature through sweat.

The water protects the joints and removes toxic substances or waste.

In that sense, adequate hydration is key in the treatment of diabetes; Inadequate hydration can have serious consequences such as the following:

  • The decrease in physical performance
  • Less intellectual performance
  • General discomfort
  • Cardiovascular problems.

Benefits of coconut water for people with diabetes

One of the characteristics of diabetes is hyperglycemia, which is the increase in blood glucose and which in turn increases the elimination of glucose in the urine that increases the risk of dehydration.

According to the Spanish Foundation of Nutrition (FEN), the coconut has a rounded shape, presenting a fibrous and leathery outer shell, of 4 or 5 cm. It is in the central cavity of the pulp where it contains coconut water.

The coconut water is a sugary liquid that is within the coconut. The amount of coconut inside the fruit is approximately 300 milliliters.

Although it is known that natural water is the ideal drink for people with diabetes or without the disease, another alternative is coconut water because it provides several benefits, including:

1. Minerals It provides minerals that can be lost due to dehydration. The minerals in this drink are phosphorus, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, and copper.

2.Vitamins. Provides vitamin C.

3.Diabetes under control. It is a drink high in fiber and low in carbohydrates, which benefits the blood glucose level.

4. Better absorption of glucose. According to publications in the Journal of Medicinal Food, in moderate amounts, coconut water improves the process of glucose absorption and also blood circulation.

5. Improves blood circulation. It has been shown that this drink improves circulation and is low in calories.

How much coconut water? The specialists suggest taking up to two glasses of the drink (each glass of 120 milliliters).
Finally, we remind you that it is important to always consult with your specialist about the best food and drink plan for your particular case. Moderation is also key.

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