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17 Bullet Journal Tips To Make Every Year More Productive Than Ever

bullet journal tips

Whenever New Year’s Eve comes, which means it’s time to start thinking about solutions.

Why not make every year commit to bullet journaling? If you are not familiar with the term, here is a quick breakdown of what I am talking about:

Essentially, it is a combination of diary and notes… and there are more. I have written a diary for more than five years, but recently this process feels very old. It turns out that this is a simple way to get the benefits of the diary function without writing paragraphs about your daily life. This is great.

To help you (and me) get started, I have collected some tips and tricks to help you make the most of the bullet journaling experience:

1. Choose a Journal You Find Aesthetically Pleasing

(You’ll be more likely to want to pick it up and fill it out each day)

If you choose your favorite journal (not even writing anything), then you will work hard every day.

bullet journal ideas

2. Washi Tape And Stickers for Fun

I have been thinking about buying paper tape, but it has never really been purposeful. Stickers are trending now for a great source of fun nowadays.

3. Colorful Writing Utensils

Since I started working in the media, I have been using pens of different colors to do to-do items, so it seems effortless to continue using the system in my bullet journal. I like basic gel pens, such as the gel pen from Amazon.

If you want to take the journal’s handwriting to the next level, I also recommend that you choose an affordable calligraphy starter kit.

4. Correction Tape

I like my shit, and I think if you are going to have a bullet journal, you will feel the same way. You simply cannot (and should not) use bullet journals to do this.

The appearance of the tape is beautiful and smooth, and it can perfectly cover all ‘oops’. Good design, I like color!” Briggs

5. Work In The Morning and Evening On Your Journal

After jumping into the bullet diary world, my biggest worry is whether I have enough time to fill it out. I suggest you set up all the charts in advance-set aside some time and spend a fun night full of colors and paintings.

6. Printable Journal

To be honest, after browsing countless pages in the endless bullet diary layout, I feel a little scared to create my diary. This pre-made toolkit will handle the most difficult part for me (maybe for you!). With just one click, you can become the bullet dairy queen.

7. Monthly Sticker Subscription Box for More Ideas

Promising comment: “Getting these stickers is my top priority this month. It has also helped me reduce my spending on stickers because I can stretch them throughout the entire four-week period !! Very cute, I like to check out the different shops they open. “-Lily

8. Track the Entire Year on Two Page Spread

As I pointed out, I am focused on saving money every year (good luck), and one of the places I know I can reduce expenses is fancy coffee drinks.

9. Go List Crazy

You can track too many list options in a bullet journal. You can list all the goods you want to buy every week (or every month or every year), what you want to buy, what you want to eat every day, every movie you watch and its evaluation, every gift you receive… and LISTS LISTS always exist.

10. Bullet Journal for Next Vacation Plan

If you have a wanderlust, why not use a diary to plan your ideal vacation? Create a beautiful list of buckets and pay attention (of course in the form of a list) to where you are going and what you want to do while there. If you are already traveling, please use the diary plan packing list or itinerary. You can also use the “Holidays” section of your diary to track your dream vacation or save important facts about the location.

11. Map Out Your Spending And Savings

My husband and I are plotting for a house (frightening, so adult), which includes a lot of strategic expenses. Therefore, you can only imagine that I can find countless easy ways to track the excitement of spending through bullet diaries!

12. Bullet Journaling Hashtags Ideas on Instagram

While studying this diary record exercise, I learned bullet diary records (or cool kids call it “BuJo”). You can find a lot of hashtags on Instagram about bullet journaling.

13. Minimalist’s Dream For Your Bullet Journal Pages

If the beautiful page scares you, take a shorter route. I recommend using pure black ink. You can use clear and clear lines to outline each page, and the design can increase the speed

14. Monthly Calendar Super Festive

First of all, I hope I can create the same amazing features as the calendar page of December this year. The calendar pages in the bullet journal are often used to plan daily tasks. If your page looks festive, you will be more inspired than ever to accomplish things. Crazy in the birthday month of the sparkle and birthday cake illustration, in the Christmas decoration hall, crazy in April… you will find drift.

15. Theme Your Bullet Journal Pages

One of my personal goals is to increase my exercise time. At present, most of my morning work is at 6:30 in the morning, but I have been working hard to expand the class after work. I know that if I can mark it on a beautiful chart, I will feel more satisfied.

16. Bullet Journal Ideas for Appointments

When I need to make an appointment to see a doctor, dentist, optometrist, etc., I will not be the only one who is annoying dating.

17. Easy-To-Use Templates for Your Dreams

I like the look of carefully crafted bullet journal pages, but I must admit that I simply do n’t have the skills to put them together. Fortunately for me and my classmate art losers, we can purchase pre-made templates to make our pages look as gorgeous as real art artists!

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Written by Sarah Gates

Sarah Gates has a passion for writing and inspired to engage in creative writing after completing her studies. For the past 4 years, she has been engaged in the writing of beauty and skin care. Sarah has also written a compilation of high school thesis. She claims to be a nerd and enjoys traveling, listening to music, watching movies and drinking coffee.


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