14 Super Easy Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Better

You will need to do a lot of manuals and manuals in a week, but we bet that doesn’t help. Mainly because they are all so widespread and probably because they all contain an ingredient that you don’t need or can’t afford. In the meantime, there are many simple things you do not know, that are better ways of your daily life. They’re not fancy, but they are very handy and you can do it all with the stuff you already have in your kitchen.

Did you know that there is a very cheap way to preserve bananas in the long run? Or is there a way to make your burgers easier than a simple trick? You might think we are talking about some very popular ways to improve the taste of food, but we are not. It’s amazing what you can get with a piece of cheese or with some transparent wrap. So, here’s a look at all the ways you didn’t know you could help.

1. How to Make Pies Better?

Ready-made chocolate pies are a pleasure. It’s a great breakfast, they’re cheap, you can eat them or take them anywhere and most importantly, they double as sweet. If you heat chocolate pies in the microwave, you can improve their taste. This will not only make them creamier but will also remove the great smell of chocolate. If you want, you can try this trick with other pieces of the pie too. We often remove the cold pie from the fridge and eat it. If you heat them already, they will taste much better.

Super Easy Hacks

2. How Can You Make a Mixer Dirty?

The biggest problem with a mixer is that it can often lead to a very dirty kitchen and splashes can ruin your clothes. A good way to avoid this is to attach a paper plate just above the batter. This will save you from splashes and is an extremely low maintenance way to save your clothes. Make sure you use this hack especially when you’re cooking for a party and you’re already dressed. You can also permanently attach a paper plate to it so that you don’t have to re-attach it every time you use a mixer. Some mixers come with an anti-splash plastic guard, which helps.

Super Easy Hacks

3. Make the Most of Ice Cream

Do the ice cream tubs bother you? You’re not alone. Most of the ice cream is trapped on the sides and bottom of the tub, and we often get tired of scratching them. The best way to make the most of a large ice cream tub is to slice them in between. This will only work if you are confident that you will use all the tubs at once because you cannot store them later. You also need a sharp knife to cut the tub in circles. Make sure when you have a large number of guests or you look for them. You need to scrape the ice cream through the cut-up ranges, which is pretty easy because they are easy to scrape.

Super Easy Hacks

4. Use Cans Correctly

We know that you probably drink canned soda as most people do. But did you know that it is very sick? Most cans contain bacterial or residual chemicals that are dangerous and should never be eaten. But when we drink from cans, we can also get germs. The best way to drink canned coffee is to drink it with straw. That way you only eat soda and not germs.

Super Easy Hacks

5. We Fixed the Chips

The most common way is to open a packet of chips from the upper corners. But the best way to make the most of a bag of chips is to open the middle pack. Take a pair of scissors and make a circle in the center of the packet and make it into a small bowl. Not only is this easy, but it’s also very easy.

Super Easy Hacks

6. Can You Use Burnt Cookies?

No one makes perfect cookies nor does anything to be embarrassed. But can you use cookies that you have burned and deliver them to your guests? Most cookies usually burn on their sides. The best thing you can do is remove the burning parts. They may look a bit irrelevant, but it is thought that cookies will look crappy anyway. This hack not only saves time but also relieves your stress when it comes to messing up cookies.

Super Easy Hacks

7. Lemons and Onions?

Do you often close your eyes when cutting onions? There is a very easy way to avoid this. Cut some lemons and sprinkle some juice on the board on which you will slice the onions. You will notice that when you cut the onions on them, there are no tears in your eyes.

Super Easy Hacks

8. How to Eat a Hamburger?

Everyone loves a pleasant hamburger but putting some cheese on will not help you. Here’s what you can do. When your meat is done, put a piece of cheese on top, add some water and then top the lid again. You will notice that the cheese has melted and settled on the meat. Then you can just pick up a juicy slice of meat and put it in the burger.

Super Easy Hacks

9. How to Keep Crisp?

The biggest problem with chips is that if they leave them in the open for more than 10 or 15 minutes, they lose their crispness. This is especially annoying when you share it with a group of friends, which means you’ll be eating it for a long time. The smartest thing to do is to put the crepes in the microwave oven a bit to reduce them back. But don’t overheat them because it’s unnecessary.

Super Easy Hacks

10. Can you Save Bananas?

You can’t preserve bananas the way you preserve other fruits, especially since they are ripe. A great way to keep the banana fresh for a long time is to wrap some of the kitchen envelopes on its tail. Separate the bananas from the frosting, wrap them up, and keep them in the refrigerator. You will see that they last a very long time.

Super Easy Hacks

11. You Should Know This

Mushrooms are not like any other vegetable and you cannot wash them just as you wash cabbage or carrots. You also need to be careful about preserving their smell for your dish. All you can do is take a wet towel and rub the mushrooms well with them. Please note that mushrooms are well-cleaned, which means that you have to live with them thoroughly.

Super Easy Hacks

12. How to Store Vegetables?

Most people don’t know this, but the best way to store vegetables involves Tupperware. Take a Tupperware container and cover the base with paper towels. Then place the chopped vegetables on them. Take another layer of paper towel and top it with the rest of the vegetables. This keeps the vegetables fresh and enhances their shelf life.

Super Easy Hacks

13. Garnish With It

You might buy chocolate chips or chocolate flakes separately. But you don’t have to. When you need to garnish with chocolate fudge or chips, just grab a piece of chocolate and slice some chips with a potato peel. The best thing about this hack is that you can use three or four types of chocolates and if you make chips.

Super Easy Hacks

14. How Can You Save Jam?

Saving jams from the bottom of the tub is the most difficult thing to do. But we bet you’ll enjoy fruit jam with milk and cereals. Solution? Just put your milk and cereal in the container. You do not need to eliminate jam from the tub and you can have a healthy breakfast.

Super Easy Hacks

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