13 Super Hacks to Save You from Embarassing Situations

Hacks to Save You from Embarassing Situations

Perhaps there was a moment when you found yourself in a strange state. Any moment of the day can be an unpleasant surprise, and when you don’t know what to do, it can be a shameful moment. Of course Aw weird laughter can just make a laugh or go to something where you wish you could end up like this if you get stuck in a meeting or conversation when disaster strikes.

You may never know if people are sweating your chest or breaking the heel while crossing the street. It’s easy to say that shit happens when you least expect it. But then on the flip side, you have a lot to do if only you know what to do and when to do it. These are the answers that can get you through a difficult situation.

1. Problems With Your Zip

If you wear zipper clothes that are unexpectedly stuck, you can use lead pencil on it. Rub the pencil lead on both sides of the zipper and then gently pull it back and forth. Instead of a pencil, if you have a chip stick, this is a great alternative too.

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2. Chest Perspiration

If the day is very hot and you find that you are sweating more than usual in your chest area and need to feel something before you feel it, here’s what you can do. Put the panty liner in your bra and absorb the sweat. This way you will not have any stains on your clothes.

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3. Fresh Breath

When you find out that your date is only a few minutes away, or your meeting is about to take place, and your breath is like “Fajo! You don’t have access to the bathroom or no time to clean your teeth. Good! The best way to refresh your breath is to chew enough beans. It may be bitter, but it will remove the odor. Due to the texture of the beans, you will also get a thorough cleaning of the tongue that removes the plaque from your tongue.

4. Ink Stains

It is sometimes bound to happen when a leaky pen leaves ink on the pocket of your shirt when you are not aware of it. Instead of worrying about it, grab some antibacterial hand gel. Place a hand towel under the stain, now put sanitizer on it and rub with cotton or napkin. Then wash the area with water.

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5. When You Have Problems with Your Legs

The problem with leggings is that they can also emphasize the flaws in your body, but if you are not happy with it, there is no reason why you should not wear them. Use old pantyhose by cutting them and turning them into shorts. Wear them under your legs and they will bend without showing any crashes or crashes.

When you’re facing leggings trouble

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6. Wet Shoes

If you know that it is easy to dry your wet shoes. This may sound like a cat, but cat litter can be used to dry your shoes. Assuming you have a cat like a pet, first put the cat litter in the pantyhose. Then tie it in a ball and place it inside your shoe. Leave it overnight where it will absorb moisture. With pantyhose filled with cat litter, place some sodium bicarbonate inside the shoe to prevent bacterial buildup and remove the unpleasant odor.

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7. Yellow teeth

Did you know that if you have yellow teeth you can make it white with the help of a banana? Yes, just use a banana peel and rub your teeth on the inner side of the peel for about 15 minutes. Then brush your teeth with a toothbrush to remove debris and rinse with water. This will gradually make your teeth white.

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8. Slipping Shoes

The use of slippers can be a real stress, especially when you are in the rush. The only thing you can do is rub the tires with sandpaper in a circular motion. Again rub the sole from hole to toe but never too tight. The same effect can be achieved by using hot glue.

sleepery shoe hacks

9. Potatoes Can Remove Sweat Stains

In addition to being bulky, sweat stains appear as spread marks on the armpits. Just wipe a fresh potato and wipe it under your arms. Once it goes in, rinse it with some water. You will have sweat stains removed. You can also use a PentaLiner that is designed to be extremely absorbent. Just cut them out and stick under seams on the cover.

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10. Skirt Rider

Now, this can be an embarrassing feature when your skirt is still down. But, there is an easy solution. Simply apply a hair spray to keep it in place. Spray the hair spray on your thighs and the problem is solved. Your skirt will no longer ride.

12. When You Find Cheongsam on Clothes

The best treatment for sticky gum on your clothes is duct tape. Take a strip of duct tape and attach it to chewing gum. Then tear it like wax. You may have to do this more than once until you remove all the chewing gum.

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12. The Trapped Ring Will Not Fade

This happens to many people, and the ring on the finger may be annoying, but it is also easy to remove. If you cannot remove the ring from your finger, raise your arm above your shoulder, and blood will flow from your hand to your shoulder. Holding, twisting, and turning slowly will make it easier to remove the ring.

13. Fight Ball Frizz

Hairstyles can be annoying when it is unmanageable and you look like the Scottish princess Merida of the movie “Brave”. Take this stuff with you. A dryer sheet, hair spray, toothbrush. Spray the toothbrush with a hair spray and treat the wires on occasion. Use a dryer sheet to avoid static electricity, which causes the edges to blend even further. Just brush it on the wires and it will stop flying around.

frizz hair hacks

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