Strawberry Spinach Smoothie For Better Health

Well, this recipe is one that is not found by coincidence. It turns out that, like the others, I had the idea when asking about FB, and Bonnie Glass proposed Green Smoothies.

He had never done, and they are one of those things that one wants to do because he knows they are good, and he knows that he can stand if they are not too rich, because they are good.

Well, curiosity and the search for good health made me add them to the list of the breakfast of the week, also because I already made a smoothie in water ( Banana juice and papaya with ginger ) and one with yogurt ( Blackberry smoothie with yogurt ), so it seemed fair to make one with vegetables, to try.

I’m going to tell you that when I told Verito the breakfast menu of the week, he made a face with the smoothie and told me that he skipped it because he didn’t like the smoothies like that.

Well, as I also told on Facebook, on Friday, which was the day of this breakfast, I didn’t have breakfast. Hyper bad, and basically what I am trying to avoid with these experiences this week, but I had enough work to do and had left to see my friend Carlito in the mall to accompany her to see clothes to buy, and then go out to a concert at the Latino Rock Café. So during the day, I ate 3 granola bars until after shopping I ate a Quiznos sandwich.

Today in the morning, a little sticker, I decided to make the milkshake, because I wanted something cool to drink before leaving for Trio on the birthday of another friend, Diana (from Tilarán). So I told Vero that if I wanted to try and I made the whisk.

When he was ready, I put him in the room, and as soon as he tried it he said “I could take one of these every morning” I think the same, so Approved! ;)And that’s how good:

Strawberries: Low in calories. High in vitamins A, C, and E, vitamins B-5 and B-6, niacin, riboflavin, and folic acid.

Banana: It is high in calories but low in fat, the calories make it an excellent futa to start the day with energy 🙂 It is high in fibers (which help digestion), antioxidants, vitamins B-6 and C, various minerals and potassium.

Spinach: Very low in calories and fat. High in iron, vitamins A, C and K, antioxidants, vitamins B-1 and B-6, riboflavin, folates and niacin, minerals such as potassium, manganese, magnesium, copper, and zinc.

All in one breakfast 🙂

Quantity: 3 small glasses.


• 1 tzs of strawberries
• 3 apple bananas
• 2.5 is of spinach leaves
• 4 fresh basil leaves
• 1/2 tzs of almond milk
• The juice of half a lemon
• 1 envelope of sweetener or 1 tsp of sugar
• 1.5 tzs of ice


Add the ingredients, except ice, in the blender and blend. Then we add the ice and finish beating.

Written by Sarah Gates

Sarah Gates has a passion for writing and inspired to engage in creative writing after completing her studies. For the past 4 years, she has been engaged in the writing of beauty and skin care. Sarah has also written a compilation of high school thesis. She claims to be a nerd and enjoys traveling, listening to music, watching movies and drinking coffee.


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