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Never do This When You Wake Up in the Morning (It’s Very Bad for Your Health)

Modern man has a tendency to mechanically repeat the same activities when he wakes up in the morning, but some of them are harmful, says The Independent :

1. Turn off the alarm button several times. If we turn off the alarm and do not get up, the brain returns to its sleep cycle, so when it sounds again and we wake up a second time, we can be stunned or stunned, as we leave a stage of deeper sleep. So goodbye to the “five more minutes”, which is usually also a symptom that we have slept little or bad.

2. Do not drink coffee. Many people drink coffee just out of bed. It is not recommended. When we get up, the body produces a hormone called cortisol, which is a natural ‘alarm clock’. If we consume caffeine, the substance can impair our production of the hormone and, in the long run, make us dependent because the body will generate less cortisol. Experts recommend waiting until 10 in the morning.

3. Do not check email. When we get up and pick up the phone to look at our mail tray, we turn the morning into the scene of the things we missed from the previous day and prevent us from facing the new day with renewed energy, experts reveal about how technologies affect us.

4. Do not make important decisions. Mark Zuckerberg always takes the same t-shirt model to work. The reason is that you want to limit the number of decisions you want to make as much as possible, first of all, the minor ones. It is also useful to decide what clothes we will wear before getting into bed.

5. Do not stay in the dark. Our circadian rhythm, that is, our internal clock, is greatly influenced by exposure to light. Light suppresses the creation of melatonin, a hormone that tells us it’s time to sleep. It is the reason why most people wake up more easily in summer, according to a study.

6. Do not stay in bed. Once awake, you have to get out of bed and before breakfast even do some exercise. One study revealed that exercising before the first meal of the day helps you lose weight.

7. Do not postpone important tasks. In the morning is when we have more self-control, reveals research from the University of Nottingham. This helps us to carry out any task that requires willpower, more than at another time of the day.

Added to all this, an extra tip: eating cookies, cakes or chocolate in the morning curbs the anxiety to eat sweets throughout the day, according to a study.

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