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Effective Exercises that will Help you get Rid of Neck Pain

You only need a few minutes a day to perform a series of exercises that will help you relieve cervical pain. They are also a good option to improve your posture, relax, and fight stress. One of the recommendations to eliminate cervical pain is to implement a series of leisurely exercises and gentle stretching, as this help mitigate discomfort and feel some relief. The consumption of analgesics and anti-inflammatories should only be done when the doctor has indicated it.

This medical condition may appear as a result of stress, the execution of a bad movement, or the performance of some sudden movement. And it is often recurring in those who remain in the same position for a long time, such as office workers.

Is it afflicting you? Discover the exercises that can help you.

Common causes of cervical pain

Obligations and daily problems coupled with incorrect postures for several hours at work or home are the main triggers of cervical pain. It can also be caused by some pathologies, but most of the time it has to do with habits.

The accumulation of tension in the area implies an imbalance in the bones, tendons, nerves, and muscles. The longer we take to deal with the situation, the harder it will be to get rid of it. Other related causes include:

  • Exposure to stress situations
  • Trauma or injury
  • Prolonged use of the computer
  • Abnormalities of the spine
  • Arthritis and inflammatory diseases

Exercises to eliminate cervical pain

The stretches and exercises to eliminate neck pain can be implemented at any time of the day, anywhere. It is not necessary to have a severe ailment to practice them. Dedicating them several minutes a day helps strengthen muscles to prevent them from suffering.

Before going to stretching you should know that all movements are slow and without forcing the neck.  It is better than the area is hot (you can use thermal pads or hot water) and do up to 5 repetitions of each exercise.

Lateral turns

  • Sit with your back straight against the back of the chair. Place your hands gently on your knees.
  • Turn your neck to the right, as much as you can. Now keep your chin at shoulder height constantly for some time.
  • Hold a few seconds for each position.

Lateral flexion

In the same starting position as the previous exercise, the goal now is to bring the right ear as close as possible to the right shoulder.

The idea is that you don’t raise your arm or shoulder. Do a little pressure for 5 seconds and leave your head aligned before moving to the left.

Bending back and forth

  • This exercise is done sitting in a chair (not against the wall: so the movements will be more comfortable).
  • Bring your head back, as if you wanted to look at the ceiling.
  • Open your mouth a little so that there is no tension in the jaw. Remember to leave your back straight.
  • Return to the starting position and then flex forward to touch your chin with your chest (or as close as possible).
  • For the exercise to take effect, do not bend your back.

Arms and shoulders lift

As we have said before, when there is cervical pain, the shoulders are also affected.

  • Starting in the same position, sitting with your hands on your thighs or knees, raise both shoulders so that they touch your ears.
  • Return to the initial posture and then lower your shoulders as much as you can.

Stretching «butterfly»

To do this exercise to eliminate cervical pain you need to lie either in bed or on a mat on the floor.

  • Take your hands behind the back of your neck and interlock your fingers.
  • Bring your arms to your sides so that your elbows touch the mattress.

Lotus pose

  • Sit on the floor and cross your legs. If possible, put one foot on the opposite knee.
  • Leave your back straight and keep your posture for a few minutes. At first, it will hurt a lot, but it will be until you get used to it.
  • Some people put cushions on the buttocks or under the knees to be more comfortable.

In that position, you can do all the previous exercises (except for the butterfly) and add one more: the complete head rotation.

  • The movement must be slow.
  • Do not forget to open the jaw by having your head back.

Tips to avoid cervical pain

In addition to performing these exercises daily or periodically, you can consider the following recommendations to prevent and eliminate cervical pain. 

  • When talking on the phone, hold the device with your hand and not between your shoulder and head.
  • Rest your entire back on the back of the desk or table chair.
  • Put the screens at eye level.
  • Use an ergonomic pillow and sleep on your back.
  • When lifting objects from the ground, it flexes the knees.
  • Change the position several times in your workday.
  • Do not carry very heavy bags or, if you have no other option, change your shoulder to support them.

If you feel that the symptom of your cervical pain does not improve, consult your doctor. Sometimes other tests and treatments are required to control it.

Written by Sarah Gates

Sarah Gates has a passion for writing and inspired to engage in creative writing after completing her studies. For the past 4 years, she has been engaged in the writing of beauty and skin care. Sarah has also written a compilation of high school thesis. She claims to be a nerd and enjoys traveling, listening to music, watching movies and drinking coffee.


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