Effective Exercises that can help you Get Rid of your Post-Baby Tummy

To lose the belly after pregnancy it is recommended to follow a balanced and low-calorie diet, as well as to perform a routine of exercises that help strengthen the abdomen and back to improve posture, avoiding back pain, which is very common after of the birth of the baby, due to poor posture during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

You can start exercising to reduce fat from 20 days after normal delivery and 40 days after a C-section, or as directed by the doctor. Some exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles after pregnancy are:

Exercise 1

Lie on your back and raise your hip to the maximum height you get. Stay in this position for 1 minute and lower the hip.

Exercise 2

Lie on your back and keep the body in contact with the ground, raise both legs at the same time (as shown in the image above). You should keep your legs elevated for 1 minute while your abdomen muscles contract at the same time.

If necessary, you should raise or lower your legs slightly until you feel the abdominal contraction.

Exercise 3

Stay in the position shown by the upper image for 1 minute.

Exercise 4

Perform the position shown in the upper image, keeping the legs together and the hip low until almost reaching the floor. Next, the body must be lifted with the force of the arms, having to go up and down 12 times in a row.

In addition to these exercises, women must perform exercises to burn fat and lose weight faster, such as rollerblading, cycling, jogging, or swimming.

It is important to seek the advice of a personal trainer because he will perform a physical evaluation where he will indicate which are the most appropriate exercises depending on the objective of the person since there are women who only need to recover their physical form and there are others who during childbirth They suffered from abdominal diastasis.

Abdominal diastasis, which is the separation of the rectus abdominis muscles, occurs due to the distention of the abdominal wall and the release of certain hormones that weaken them during pregnancy, in this situation the most appropriate physical exercises are described here.

What to eat to reduce the belly

In addition to the exercises, it is important to have a balanced diet, increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and fibers, decreasing foods rich in sugars and foods high in fat. See in more detail a diet to reduce the belly.

You can also complement the process to reduce the belly after pregnancy, putting a reducing cream that contains caffeine in its composition. Examples of these creams are Cellu Destock of the Vichy brand or a Xanthine cream.

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