11 beauty tips for winter

Looking beautiful is a daily task, but who said that we can not see ourselves even better at Christmas, what do you think about following the winter beauty tips of an expert in beauty and rejuvenation like Dr. Marimar Guerra, a specialist in genomic medicine.

“Having our skin taken care of is not just a matter of expensive treatments.” We can do great things with everyday actions like the way we sleep and eat.

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11 beauty tips for winter
1 Remember that we should not have makeup when sleeping because we make our skin age.

2 Tobacco is also one of the factors that harm us. The expert in beauty advises that if you want to look young, tobacco is not an option.

3 Raw vegetables also help the face.

4 Detoxification is also advisable and there are two types:

The internal one that helps to cleanse our organism
The external one that is based on masks
5 If we expose ourselves to the sun, wear a cap or sunglasses.

6 Many times we say “I’m very young I do not need it yet”, however, he recommends that we always take care of ourselves. If we have a child, the best care we can do is put sunscreen, which protects us from the sun’s rays, avoiding dryness, spots, among other factors.

7 If we go in the car advised not to put the heating because it is bad for our skin.

8 One way to hydrate our skin is with the thermal water of any brand and rubbing the face constantly with it. We also need to moisturize with creams and water.

9 If you plan to hire together with your family or friends to make them up on these dates, avoid putting the brushes together, make them up with different brushes so as not to contaminate the ph.

10 Chamomile tea with ice and some cucumbers in case you wake up bloated the next day because of the glasses you’ve had or because of lack of sleep.

11 As of the last tip, at night put a little Vaseline around the eyes so they do not dry out and are hydrated.

You already know how to look beautiful, without chemicals or great efforts. They are followed by the beauty cores of an expert and in a short time, you will need less makeup to highlight your beauty.

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